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If you've used the Internet much over the past few years, you've undoubtedly encountered distorted text you must type-in when trying to register for an account, check your bank balance, or buy tickets online.  These texts are called CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) and they're a curse on the modern online experience.

CAPTCHAs fill an important role by making sure that the user trying to access a website is a real human being and not an automated bot that is trying to send spam or hack into accounts.  They work by posing tests that are supposed to be easy for real human users to solve while being difficult or impossible for computers to complete.

Existing CAPTCHAs

reCAPTCHAUnfortunately, most existing CAPTCHAs are not very easy to use. How many times have you tried a CAPTCHA like the one on the right (reCAPTCHA) but been unable to figure out what the letters were, or worse, had trouble typing them in on your smartphone? The same improvements in optical character recognition technology that allow you to deposit checks from your phone also make it easier for automated bots to decipher text and break traditional CAPTCHAs.  This is why text-based CAPTCHAs have become difficult to solve in recent years.  To make it harder for computers, the CAPTCHAs also have to become harder for you.

A better solution

We've developed a series of human-friendly, mobile-friendly CAPTCHAs that are designed to be easy for legitimate human users to solve no matter what device they're using while remaining challenging for would-be attackers.

FaceDCAPTCHAWe don't think having to try entering text three or four times because you can't read it or can't enter it accurately on your phone's on-screen keyboard makes for a good user experience.  We've found a better way.

Our CAPTCHAs embed pictures of faces and objects into complex backgrounds with different colors and shapes. To solve the CAPTCHA, you tap (with your mobile device) or click (on a traditional computer) the faces or objects you're told to find. It takes just a couple taps and you're ready to go.

Learn more about our CAPTCHAs and try them out for yourself below: